Conjecture Suite

by Joel Grant Taylor

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Conjecture Suite is a group of electronic music works that examines the conjecture that Humanity in the larger sense might come to exist, how that might occur, and in what form.

This work must, as must all instrumental music, stand on its own. It has, I hope, a purely musical integrity that transcends its composer's intentions. However, it is also highly programmatic, in that I had very specific intentions when I created it. Its beginning describes in musical terms the situation wherein we find ourselves on our planet (which I consider to be dire). The piece then unfolds a blow by blow description of a possible path that we might take if we were to bear down on solving our many problems rather than continuing on our current course. I offer no definitive conclusion about our future but rather an examination of our potential for survival, prosperity and adaption.

From a technical point of view, this is polymicrotonal work, which makes extensive use of four simultaneous tunings. It is also a polytemporal piece insofar as some sections involve musical strata, which move at different tempi and in different meters.

For maximum emotional and aesthetic impact, the listener should audition the piece from beginning to end, using either good headphones or a good stereo system turned up to symphonic volume levels.


released June 2, 2012

Album art work: Copyright Joel Taylor, 1997, 2012.



all rights reserved


joel taylor Quito, Ecuador

Joel Taylor is a composer/improvisor/programmer who has been working with a wide variety of electronic and acoustic media since 1970. He performs on analog and digital synths, computers, keyboards, shakuhachi, other world flutes, and percussion, and has composed concert music for orchestra, gamelan, and various ensembles. ... more


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