Draupadi's Dream of the River

by Joel G Taylor

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This album is a series of live improvisations in which I guide the Tree Spirit V1.2 through a composition titled "Draupadi's Dream."

The Tree Spirit is a semi-autonomous software improviser built using MaxMSP. It produces 3 MIDI voices, or note-streams, and these are used, in this performance, to drive Kontakt Player 4, which is loaded with a sampled Steinway grand piano.

Draupadi's Dream is a "chart" for the Tree Spirit. Its central theme uses a scale found in Indian music in the form 1, b2, 3, #4, 5, 6, b7, octave. If you choose C for step 1, this would yield C, Db, E, F#, G, A, Bb, c.

Draupadi is an important female character from the Mahabharata. The daughter of King Drupada, she is the devoted wife of the five Pandavas. Dark skinned, she is sometimes called Princess Krishnaa. She is willful, passionate, religious and righteous in temper, and must endure many trials during her life. She is never conquered by life's adversities, though she is severely tried, and on one occasion calls for Lord Krishna's personal intervention to save her. In this episode, Krishna magically transforms the sari Draupadi is wearing into an infinite length of cloth so that she can not be disrobed. Draupadi is considered by some to be an early feminist model of an ideal woman.


released June 16, 2011

All photographs are © Copyright Linda Hungerford 2011, all rights reserved.



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joel taylor Quito, Ecuador

Joel Taylor is a composer/improvisor/programmer who has been working with a wide variety of electronic and acoustic media since 1970. He performs on analog and digital synths, computers, keyboards, shakuhachi, other world flutes, and percussion, and has composed concert music for orchestra, gamelan, and various ensembles. ... more


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