For Daniel Stearns - Quadracity 1

by Joel Grant Taylor

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This album is a meditation on the music of Daniel Anthony Stearns, an American composer and truly original musical thinker and tinkerer. His work, with it's many overlays and textures, and its accumulation of, or accommodation of, multiple musical meanings, has been inspiring for me, in both its complexity and the simple pleasures that it so often generously offers, often at the same time!
"For Daniel Stearns," a piece for piano in four parts, with the piano tuned in 22-EDO (equal divisions of the octave), was conceived in part because of Stearns' enthusiasm for some of my more experimental piano works, and his suggestion that I consider writing a sonata. While this work does not seem to me to be a sonata, it is perhaps, an essay in microtonal texture and melody, as embodied in the physicality of playing a 22-tone per octave keyboard instrument.
"Quadracity 1", for four pianos and computer, is constructed by overlaying and playing all four parts of "For Daniel Stearn" simultaneously, while processing each part using real-time granular-based time stretching techniques to create continuous textures and streams. Hidden underneath and within these textures, the piano parts sometimes surface to solo and take the form of froth on the waves. Each of the four parts of the original piano piece was conceived with its use in Quadracity 1 in mind, as well as with the intention of that piece being an organic part of "For Daniel Stearns."


released March 1, 2013

Album photograph by Linda Hungerford, Copyright 2013.



all rights reserved


joel taylor Quito, Ecuador

Joel Taylor is a composer/improvisor/programmer who has been working with a wide variety of electronic and acoustic media since 1970. He performs on analog and digital synths, computers, keyboards, shakuhachi, other world flutes, and percussion, and has composed concert music for orchestra, gamelan, and various ensembles. ... more


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